By leaving Miami to go back home to Cleveland, LeBron, who is worth far more to the N.B.A. than any owner, has taken back a fraction of the power he and other players have earned and continued the trend that he, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade started whereby players, still working within a restrictive and draconian labor system, can scratch out a small measure of autonomy. In professional sports, the players are the business. The league is stronger when it remembers that.

Jay Caspian Kang on LeBron James’s return to Cleveland: (via newyorker)

Sport is becoming more physical, more tactical, and therefore less spectacular, because teams are afraid of losing. It’s a shame. People who go to the stadiums go to see a spectacle. We’re professionals, and we’re doing a job. But football has to be a spectacle.

Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain (via indizombie)